This year we have sown 6 kinds on 26 hectares: the White Crane, Red Crane, Ruby, Crane King, Crane Queen and Crane Bicolor.



Brassica White Crane

vbn code 15155 (Association of Flower Auctions Netherlands).

The harvest of the White Crane starts week 33 and continues until week 44.

We expect to deliver approximately 2.100.000 stems to the auction of Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Bleiswijk and Rijnsburg.

red crane Brassica Red Crane

vbn code 20510 (Association of Flower Auctions Netherlands).

A late variety; the harvest is between week 37 and 44.

We expect to harvest approximately 4.000.000 stems of these purple-red flowers.

Ruby Brassica Ruby

These flowers, with a purple heart, are harvested in week 35 until 37.

We expect to harvest about 300.000 stems.

4 Brassica Crane King

Expected number of steals: about 500.000

2 Brassica Crane Queen
Expected number of steals: about 600.000

Bicolor Brassica Bicolor
Expected number of steals: about 450.000

Will be harvest in week 33 until week 38.