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partnership Eduard Daling.

Vaartweg 78, 9422 CS Smilde (Drenthe)

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Since the late 80s we specialized in floriculture.

Right now, Peonies, Helianthus, Phlox, Callistephus and Brassica are our most important types.

Furthermore, we can deliver many types of perennial plants on a contract basis.

Our company is MPS + certified, we also fall under the Global regelementen gap, that means that we adhere to the European directives for agricultural products.

By participating in the “Summerflowers” initiative, our company wants to indicate to be aware of the need for good communication, which is needed to avoid that somewhere supply and demand without both parties know each other this consciously.

In 2010 we won the Agricultural Entrepreneur Award in Drenthe.

In 2012, our son Martijn joined the compnay and together we deliver several types of sown-cutflowers.

And since June 2015, we work with a Havatec and two Bercomex Furora flowers machines.